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Women in packaging

Montserrat Cerf was just named President of Latin American Chapter of the Packaging & Processing Women's Leadership Network (PPWLN) with the mission of empowering and promoting women across the Latin American industrial landscape, and boosting the skills to close the current gender equality gaps.

“The vision for this Latin American Chapter of the PPWLN is to empower and promote women throughout the traditionally male-dominated industry of packaging and processing, particularly in positions of responsibility and leadership,” said Cerf. “We wish to contribute to advance the careers of all women who decide to enter this fascinating industry which today, perhaps, is the one offering the greatest opportunities.” -5/2/2023


Hear from Emmanuel Cerf and Brian McCann about how Polypack is paving the way for packaging companies to be more verifiably sustainable and eco-friendly, no matter whether they wrap their products in paper or plastic. Click here to read the full blog article.

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