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All-in-one shrink bundler and tray former

Designed specifically for retail-ready closures for print registered film. The CPT machine offers efficiency, customization, and rapid changeovers, ensuring your production line stays agile and responsive to market demands.

Rotary Gate System: Releases products onto a flight bar for efficient collation.

Vacuum Picker: Swiftly unloads corrugate blanks onto a conveyor 

Conveyor System: Delivers blanks beneath product bundles, preparing for tray formation

Adhesive Application: A precise spray of hot melt glue enhances tray bonding

Folding Mechanism: Side guides fold the ends of the blank, fully shaping the tray

Wrap-Arm: Applies overlap film around the bundle, ensuring secure packaging

Shrink Tunnel: Product is run through energy efficent shrink tunnel to deliver a shrink-wrapped tray that is ready for your distribution and retail needs   

This high speed continuious motion machine can be highly customized to meet the specifications of your unique secondary packaging application.

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