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POLYPACK TR/TE tray former



fill, form & shrink wrap  corrugated trays

The Polypack TR/TE tray packaging machine series includes both a stand-alone tray former (Polypack TE) and an all-in-one tray packing system that forms and fills corrugated trays (Polypack TR). When integrated with a shrink wrapper, the Polypack TR provides a turn-key bundling solution for distribution ready packaging.

Tray Packaging Versatility


The Polypack TR/TE tray packaging machine series produces sturdy, corrugated trays that offer more sustainable and cost-effective distribution and retail ready packaging solutions than RSC.



Packs / Minute



Packs / Minute

Keep Your Line Moving Fast & Faster

The Polypack TR/TE tray packagining machines add efficiently to any line. The Polypack TR is offered in intermittent or continuous motion configurations. As with all Polypack packaging solutions, this series of tray packaging machines can be highly customized to meet the specifications of your unique secondary packaging application.


Intermittent or

Continuous Motion

Nordson Hot Glue System

Self-Monitoring Diagnostics

Polypack TR


The Polypack TR is an all-in-one tray packing machine consisting of both a tray former and a tray loader.

Adjustments for different sizes of corrugated trays and/or product are quickly and easily made on the Polypack TR. The machine can achieve intricate folds on corrugated trays with finished edges for shelf ready packaging appeal.

In addition to offering significant material cost savings compared to traditional regular slotted container (RSC) packaging, the Polypack TR:

  • Creates tightly packed trays to avoid product movement

  • Available in heights varying from low wall to high wall

  • Utilizes less corrugated material and glue than RSC

  • Produced packed trays that can be shrink wrapped for added protection.


Polypack TE


The Polypack TE is a stand-alone tray erector machine that forms corrugated trays with either glue or glue-less tabs. The folded walls on glue-less corrugated trays create double-strength walls and 45° chamfered display edge is ideal for club store trays and retail ready packaging.

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