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Automatically remove shrink film from corrugated trays

The Polypack Unwrapper machine is a new-to-market, automatic unpackaging solution designed to help copackers and producers automate their lines and avoid common occupational safety hazards incurred when workers unwrap bundles by hand with open blades. Upon exiting the Polypack Unwrapper machine, product is film-free and ready for the next step in the multi packing process.

Keep Your Line Moving Fast & Faster



Packs / Minute

The Polypack Unwrapper  machine can unwrap 20 packs/minute. As with all Polypack packaging solutions, this machine can be adapted to meet the specifications of your unique secondary packaging application.



Belt-to-belt transfer

Fully inline layout with small footprint

Self-monitoring diagnostics


As market demand rapidly increases for variety packs, so does the need for automation in the multi-packing process.

The Polypack Unwrapper machine automates the precise removal of shrink film from corrugated trays, preparing product to be reorganized and repacked.

Gone are the days of workers unwrapping bundles by hand, with open blades. The Unwrapper is a fully automatic solution to help copackers and producers avoid common occupational safety hazards while increasing line speed.

Ideal for multi packers, the Polypack Unwrapper is a new-to-market packaging solution designed to reduce risk and increase line speed and productivity.

When combined with Polypack’s existing tray and shrink wrap equipment, copackers and producers can create an automated multi packing line.

The Polypack Unwrapper machine’s changeover flexibility allows this machine to run a wide variety of tray sizes, matching the numerous product and pack sizes in the market. The stable nature of the system provides a foundation for safely running an assortment of product types ranging from tall bottles to round cans.

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