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Cost-effective, pallet-ready, corrugated cardboard packaging machine

The Polypack JacketPack™ machine forms a corrugated cardboard “jacket” around products, creating a tightly packed bundle that is then shrink wrapped. This corrugated packaging alternative to regular slotted containers (RSC) offers the same stacking strength and product protection with less weight, less waste, and less cost. Replace the RSC case with the Polypack JacketPack™ system. 

Strong, Lightweight Corrugated RSC Alternative


The Polypack JacketPack™ produces shrink wrapped corrugated cardboard packaging that is lighter, less wasteful, and less costly than regular slotted containers (RSC). Offering strength for vertical stacking and palletizing, this is an excellent packaging solution for products such as aseptic bricks, prisms, and cartons.



Packs / Minute

Keep Your Line Moving Fast & Faster

The Polypack JacketPack™ machine quickly and efficiently forms a corrugated cardboard “jacket” around products, then glues and shrink wraps the bundle. As with all Polypack packaging solutions, the JacketPack™ system can be highly customized to meet the specifications of your unique secondary packaging application.


Intermittent Motion
Side Infeed
Vertical Corrugated Cardboard "Jacket"
Open-sided (Bullseye) Enclosure
Double-roll LDPE
Horizontal Seal Bar

The Polypack JacketPack™ machine produces shrink wrapped, corrugated packaging with the same stacking strength and product protection as regular slotted containers (RSC). This packaging solution is created with less corrugated cardboard, less waste, and less materials cost than RSC.

Polypack’s trademarked packaging system offers vertical support by forming a die-cut sheet of corrugated cardboard (“jacket”) around the sides of the product bundle, then gluing it on a single flap, thus eliminating the need for a corrugated cardboard top and bottom. A shrink film overwrap seals the case, providing superb palletizing strength, product protection, and distribution integrity.

Delivering strong, supportive, and light weight secondary packaging, the Polypack JacketPack™ system produces the perfect alternative to RSC, chipboard cartons, and othe containers that require vertical support. In addition to using less corrugated cardboard, the Polypack JacketPack™ system:

  • Reduces the number of overlaps to only one

  • Saves up to 50% on material costs over RSC

  • Fast equipment ROI through material costs alone

  • Creates tightly packed bundles

  • Has multi-layer packaging capability

  • Provides the stacking/palletizing support for aseptic bricks, prisms, and cartons

  • Is optimal for both distribution and retail-ready multi-packing


The Polypack JacketPack™ machine is also available as a double U-board configuration, for glue-free operation.

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