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POLYPACK ILB/CMB Inline shrink Tunnel and bundler



Inline, bucket conveyor shrink Bundler

The Polypack ILB/CMB shrink tunnel and bundler features our signature “bucket” conveyor. Designed specifically for your application, the Polypack ILB/CMB series of shrink wrappers provides the versatility to package a wide range of products. Any product that fits onto the bucket can be bundled with this shrink wrapper. With an option for case packing, this packaging machine is one of the most versatile in the industry.

Versatile Shrink Wrap Machines

The Polypack ILB/CMB shrink wrap machines offer packaging solutions for a variety of bundling applications and product shapes and sizes.



Packs / Minute



Packs / Minute

Keep Your Line Moving Fast & Faster

The Polypack ILB/CMB shrink wrapping machines can be configured as single lane or dual lane packaging systems. Offered in intermittent or continuous motion, these shrink wrappers can be highly customized to meet the specifications of your unique secondary packaging application.


Inline, Bucket Conveyor
Single Lane or Dual Lane Option
Open-sided (Bullseye) Overwrap
Robotic ROKH® Pick & Place Option
Double-roll LDPE
Horizontal Seal Bar

Available in either intermittent (ILB) or continuous motion (CMB), the Polypack ILB/CMB series utilizes a distinctive “bucket” conveyor upon which products are indexed and transported through the shrink wrapping machine. 

The Polypack ILB/CMB machines provide versatility packaging solutions:

  • Automatic shrink wrap systems

  • An optional case packer module

  • Various product container shapes, sizes on same run


Polypack ILB/CMB packaging solutions can be engineered as handload models or with fully automatic product collation modules. Polypack’s signature “bucket” conveyor sets the Polypack ILB/CMB series of shrink wrapping machines apart from others, in that:

  • It is designed specifically for your products and applications

  • Product travels in a straight line in custom engineered “buckets”

  • Product remains on the bucket conveyor for the duration of the wrapping, cutting, and sealing process before entering the shrink tunnel

  • Hand-loaded intermittent motion shrink wrapping at speeds of 25 packs/minute in single lane, and 50 packs/minute in dual lane

  • Continuous motion wrapping at speeds up to 100 packs/minute


As an option, our patented robotic ROKH® pick & place gantry can be added for unstable products, such as ovals and tubes. With Polypack’s ROKH® pick & place, products can be stacked, split, rotated, or collated into any configuration. With the addition of optional case equipment, the Polypack ILB/CMB is an excellent case packer packaging solution.

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