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Wraparound corrugated case packer system

The Polypack Wraparound series of case packer machines for corrugated applications are available in intermittent or continuous motion designs and a wide range of speeds. Wrapping a sheet of die-cut corrugated cardboard around the collated product, the Polypack Wraparound machines save up to 30% in material costs while delivering superb strength for palletizing and distribution.

Corrugated Packaging Alternative to RSC

Reducing packaging material and therefore material costs, the Polypack Wraparound series of case packers provides an excellent corrugated case alternative to regular slotted containers (RSC).



Packs / Minute

Keep Your Line Moving Fast & Faster

The Polypack Wraparound case packing machine can be configured in intermittent or continuous motion. As with any Polypack packing solution, these cartoners can be highly customized to meet the specifications of your unique secondary packaging application.


  • 30% source reduction

  • Increased stacking strength

  • Multi-layer packaging capability

  • Self-Monitoring Diagnostics

  • Builds wraparound cases or trays


Packing Cost Savings and Sustainable Cases

Polypack Wraparound cases utilize approximately 30% less corrugated cardboard than traditional regular slotted container (RSC) packaging. When compared to RSC, the Polypack Wraparound case packaging machine:

  • Reduces the amount of corrugated cardboard used (by decreasing the lengths of the overlaps),

  • Maintains both product and case integrity during distribution

  • Significantly reduces material costs.


Polypack’s innovative method of corrugated cardboard source reduction on wraparound cases is a proven approach to sustainable packaging. Using 30% less corrugated packaging than RSC, the Polypack Wraparound case packer is a cost-effective choice for both wraparound cases and trays. The Polypack Wraparound series of case packing machines offers automatic changeover features that:

  • Simplify the changeover process, and

  • Decrease changeover downtime.


The high-efficiency glue delivery system on the Polypack Wraparound is engineered with:

  • Zone temperature control, and

  • 10L capacity to reduce spills and waste.


Delivering automation, versatility, and sustainability, the Polypack Wraparound series offers a premium corrugated case packing alternative to traditional RSC with cost savings and a rapid return on investment.

new innovation

Polypack's Chipboard Inserter

The Chipboard Inserter is the first of its kind, and it's a huge savings over traditional accordion partitions. It's perfect for fragile items from 2-10 inches tall in the wine, beverage, and medical industries.

If you're looking for a safe, efficient, and cost-effective way to package your fragile items, then the Chipboard Inserter is the perfect solution for you.

Contact us today to learn more about how the Chipboard Inserter can benefit your business.

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