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Shrink Packaging Equipment      


Shrink packaging equipment tailored for consumer packaged goods, especially multipacks, provides versatile packaging solutions. This includes sleeve wraps (bullseye wraps), total closure wraps employing both clear and printed film, as well as cardboard packaging. Polypack offers a diverse range of shrink packaging and cardboard packaging machines, accommodating various applications and wrap styles. This extensive selection caters to distribution needs and ensures compelling retail packaging with high shelf appeal.

Polypack manufactures Shrink Packaging Equipment and cardboard packaging machines for all types of consumer products, including:

Consumer Goods Equipment Options


Label Orientation


Printed Film






Tobacco Cans


Polypack's high speed total closure shrink wrap machines can be used to collate cartons and place them on a pad at high speeds. Using multiple sealing bars, higher speeds can be achieved than previous shrink wrap equipment designs.


Polypack designs and builds shrink wrap equipment for total closure applications with high clarity polyolefin film. Running in continuous motion, these machines provide an eye-catching presentation for products in retail sales applications.


Polypack designs and manufactures shrink wrap equipment that is specifically designed for aerosol cans. These machines are available for clear film, random printed film, or print-registered film applications. These machines feature tunnel run-out features for added safety and are also available with integrated fire suppression systems.


Hand-loaded shrink wrappers provide a wide range of versatility. Polypack's IL Series machines are capable of wrapping anything with a length of 4 inches or longer. These hand-loaded shrink packaging machines are ideal for contract packagers who face an ever-changing set of packaging needs.


Label Orientation

Polypack's label orientation system uses an electronic eye and a motorized wheel to rotate products to a specific point. Products are rotated according to their label so that they are all facing in the same direction, giving products their maximum shelf appeal. Polypack's label orientation system can be integrated with the infeed of a new shrink-wrapper or retrofit onto an existing one. We also offer label orientation systems as stand-alone units.


The WR series machines are Polypack’s high-speed continuous motion and intermittent motion wraparound case packers. With corrugated wraparound packaging, a sheet of cardboard is die-cut and folded.Create tight distribution cases with less corrugate and save up to 30% on material costs .

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