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POLYPACK FIL/FIL-NT shrink packaging machines



Forming head, inline total closure Shrink packaging solutions

The Polypack FIL/FIL-NT shrink packaging machine series utilizes a forming head to produce total closure wraps on products with rectangular or round profiles. The Polypack FIL model incorporates a shrink tunnel while the Polypack FIL-NT, a bagger, has no tunnel. Large industrial products, consumer products, food, and beverages are some of the parcels this packaging machine series easily handles.

Total Closure Secondary Packaging Solutions

The Polypack FIL/FIL-NT series produces “total closure” secondary packaging, completely enclosing product bundles in protective film for added protection.



Feet / Minute

Keep Your Line Moving Fast & Faster

The Polypack FIL/FIL-NT packaging machines are fast, efficient total closure bagging and shrink wrap packaging systems for rectangular or round product profiles. As with all Polypack packaging solutions, these machines can be highly customized to meet the specifications of your unique secondary packaging application.


Intermittent or Continuous Motion

Lug Infeed; Belt Conveyor

Total Closure Overwrap

Rectangular or Round Product Profiles

Shrink Wrapper (FIL)

or Bagger (FIL-NT)

Single-roll LDPE or POF

Option for Printed Film

Horizontal or Vertical Seal Bar

Option for Dual or Triple Seal Bar

The Polypack FIL/FIL-NT packaging machine series consists of two distinct models: the Polypack FIL, a shrink wrapper, and the FIL-NT, a bagger.

Both models are inline, forming head packaging solutions that form, fill, and seal, producing total closure film product bundling. Total closure increases product protection and resistance to warehouse conditions. Designed to run small trays to long rolls, the Polypack FIL/FIL-NT packaging machines offer incredible secondary packaging versatility.

The Polypack FIL shrink wrap machines provide complete enclosure of bundles with polyethylene (LDPE) or polyolefin (POF) film, presenting a clean, continuous surface without sealing seams obscuring product graphics or branding. An optional printed film cabability, for print registered or random print graphics, can be configured to produce retail ready packaging.

Available at speeds of up to 15 feet per minute, Polypack FIL shrink wrap machines can be configured with horizontal or vertical seal bars. Automatic collation modules are also available for orientation, rotation, and stacking.

The Polypack FIL machines utilize our high-efficiency shrink tunnels, among the most energy-efficient shrink tunnels in the industry. Featuring double insulation, centrally-located heater banks, and Polypack’s “smart tunnel” technology, the Polypack FIL shrink wrap machines are optimized for performance.

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