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Polypack’s patented design allows consumers to hold packages with a top handle conveniently and easily. Using single sourced material, you do not have to worry about different waste procedures. This inlaid strip of film runs down the middle of the bundle creating a sturdy handle. Furthermore, the integrated carry handle feature gives the package another area for branding leading to more shelf appeal and marketing opportunities along with customer convenience. The integrated handle feature reduces the need to have cardboard however can be used in conjunction with tray and pad support, easily creating a grab and go product.

Single Material (Shrink Film Only) Integrated Carry Handle Multipacks


Integrated Carry Handle Multipacks are great way for customers to be able to tote large or awkward packages with ease. From 24 packs of soda to multipack of aseptic bricks the carry handle has a wide and diverse amount of products it can be use with.

  • Intelligent, Compact Machine Layout

  • Easy Access for Maintenance & Spool Loading

  • Product Versatility Accommodates all types of shrink bundled products

  • High Tensile Strength Carry Handle Increase shelf appeal with added customer convenience

  • High & Low Speeds

  • Integrated Mono-Source System

  • Marketing and Branding

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