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Versatile Shrink-Wrap and Corrugated Solutions

Polypack specializes in designing shrink wrap and corrugated collation modules. Whether you need to shrink-wrap a small bottle, a large door, or create a tray or box, Polypack has a proven solution for you! Your standard is our standard when it comes to building a machine that is right for you! All Polypack end-of-line packaging machines are built with the best materials and components available, including stainless steel, to offer a long life span, superior performance, durability, and reliability.

Efficiency and Reliability

Polypack builds compact machines that maximize space while delivering high-speed performance. Polypack's patented technology ensures stability and consistent wrapping, reducing downtime.


Comprehensive Customer Support

Polypack provides support at every stage, with a technical service team offering spare parts, telephone support, training, retrofit kits, and machinery audits. Our team ensures efficient production and smooth machinery operation.



When we earn your business, we promise to keep it. Polypack’s “can do” attitude has guided our engineers through the most challenging of situations. This optimistic philosophy has resulted in a large percentage of repeat business. Time and time again, customers call to discuss the latest changes in their packaging needs.

A Proven Track Record

Polypack is a trusted partner with 65 years of success in the packaging industry with many top companies relying on us for their shrink-wrap machinery. 
Driven by innovative engineering

Connected with the Polypack headquarters is the historical Tampa Bay Automobile Museum. Founder, Alain Cerf is also an avid collector of vintage vehicles, and part of the reason for this passion is because of the engineering feats that many of these cars represent. Polypack is based on technology and innovation,  These cars represent many of ‘the firsts’ of their kind, such as the first half-track vehicle, the first electric car, and the first hydrogen-fueled automobile. They’re regular reminders of pushing engineering and design boundaries, as well as creating equipment that’s easy to use and also built to last.

Green economics

Polypack reduces its carbon footprint through solar-powered facilities, energy-efficient shrink tunnels, and the use of eco-friendly materials. One of the most critical green aspects of Polypack shrink wrap and cardboard packaging equipment is source reduction. Polypack’s packaging solutions drastically reduce or eliminate corrugate consumption, which has a considerable impact on the amount of packaging mass entering our landfills.

Let's get started!

Contact us today, and let’s start a project together!

Polypack's 65 year History


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