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Safe Shrink wrap machine for aerosol cans 

Optimize your packaging for personal care and cosmetics with Polypack's safe shrink wrap machine for aerosol cans. Choose from clear film, random printed film, or print-registered film applications tailored to your branding and product specifications.

Ensure your team's safety with tunnel run-out features, providing added peace of mind during operation. Plus, with integrated fire suppression systems available, your facility stays protected against potential hazards.

Connect with our expert team today and join the ranks of top companies who trust Polypack for unparalleled solutions.

Safety Features

Polypack machines integrate specialized safety features, such as tunnel evacuation, ensuring complete safety even in the event of a power failure. Additionally, our tunnel run-out features provide added peace of mind during operation, ensuring that your team can work confidently knowing that safety is our top priority. Moreover, with integrated fire suppression systems available, your facility remains safeguarded against potential hazards, further enhancing workplace safety.

pick & place

Polypack holds a patent on picking up products and placing them directly onto the shrink film for wrapping, where it remains for the entire shrink wrap process. This system is a one-time transfer solution, making it ideal for odd-shaped or unstable containers.

Case packing for aerosol cans

Utilizing Polypack's patented CMB machine, the shrink wrapping and packing process for aerosol cans into cases is streamlined for efficiency. From the initial loading on the Infeed Conveyor to the final placement into RSC cases by the Rear Gantry, each step is optimized for seamless operation. The patented CMB design ensures precision and stability throughout, guaranteeing high-quality results. 

High Speed Shrink Wrapper for Aerosol Cans

Polypack manufactures high speed sleeve wrappers that can wrap small diameter products at speeds up to 200 bundles per minute. These machines can run both clear or printed film and can wrap various product sizes and pack patterns.

Hand Loaded Infeeds

Polypack machines offer versatility to suit various production setups and preferences. With the option for hand-loaded infeeds, you have the flexibility to integrate manual labor seamlessly into your packaging process. This feature caters to diverse operational needs and allows for greater control over the packaging workflow.

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