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retail ready, Total closure shrink bundler 

The Polypack FH/CFH shrink-bundler machine series provides retail-ready, total closure shrink bundles. This machine utilizes a forming head to produce packaging solutions for a variety of products. The product bundles are sealed on all sides (total closure) for increased product protection. Total closure secondary packaging is much more resistant to mishandling and warehouse conditions. It also provides a nice, continuous surface for retail packaging applications.

Total Closure Shrink Wrapping Versatility

The Polypack FH/CFH shrink packaging machine series provides “total closure” packaging solutions by completely enclosing each product bundle in LDPE or POF film for added protection.



Packs / Minute



Packs / Minute

Keep Your Line Moving Fast & Faster

The Polypack FH/CFH total closure shrink wrapping machines can be configured to run in intermittent or continuous motion. As with all Polypack packaging solutions, these shrink wrappers can be highly customized to meet the specifications of your unique secondary packaging application.


Intermittent or Continuous Motion

Inline, Side, or Pusher Infeed

Total Closure Overwrap

Retail Ready Packaging

Option for Nested Pack

Single-roll LDPE or POF

Option for Printed Film

Horizontal or Vertical Seal Bar

Option for Dual or Triple Seal Bar

Available with intermittent motion or high-speed sealing, the Polypack FH/CFH shrink wrapping series uses a forming head to produce a “total closure” overwrap product bundling. Total closure increases product protection and resistance to warehouse conditions.

Polypack FH/CFH shrink wrappers can also be designed to run printed shrink film (registered or random print) for retail ready packaging applications.

This shrink wrap machine series has automatic product collation assemblies that divide, reorient, rotate, upend, group, or stack products.

Additional features include:

  • Inline or side infeed production,

  • Compatible with LDPE and POF films,

  • Optional printed film capability,

  • Wraps individual product, pad/tray, or multipacks,

  • Horizontal or vertical seal bar assemblies, and

  • Multiple seal bar models for high-speed applications.

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