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Trends in Dairy Packaging

dairy packaging

From milk cartons to ice cream tubs, the packaging world is evolving faster than ever. In this exploration, we'll peel back the layers of change driven by both consumers and the strategic minds stocking the shelves.

shrink film for ice cream
Shrink Wrapped with 100% Recycled Film from Filmsource Packaging

The Consumer and Retailer Wishlist:

  • Sustainable Packaging: The global call for sustainability resonates in dairy packaging. With the planet in mind, the industry is steering toward eco-friendly alternatives, reducing the carbon footprint one milk bottle at a time. Companies like Filmsource are championing this cause with recycled shrink film, contributing to the mission of reducing the carbon footprint in every milk bottle.

  • Variety of Product Sizes: In a world of diverse cravings, dairy is adapting. From mini yogurt cups to family-sized cheese blocks, options are multiplying, offering a solution for every palate.

  • Clean Labeling: Transparency is key. Consumers seek straightforward information, free from hidden ingredients, inviting them to explore dairy products with confidence.

  • Ready-to-Consume Products: For the days when cooking feels like an expedition, the industry responds with dairy products ready to be devoured, catering to our fast-paced lives.

  • Single-Serve Packaging: On-the-go snacking moments find their perfect companion in single-serve packaging, enhancing convenience and portability.

  • E-commerce/DTC Packaging: As online dairy shopping gains momentum, packaging undergoes a digital facelift to meet the demands of the virtual shelf.

  • Shelf-Stable and ESL Products: Busy lives call for longer-lasting treats. Shelf-stable and Extended Shelf Life (ESL) products promise dairy delights that stand the test of time.

Challenges and Considerations:

  • Easy-Open Packaging Drama: Balancing consumer convenience with behind-the-scenes handling poses a unique challenge. What's easy for one may not be seamless for the other.

  • Retailer Wishlist Quirks: Smaller cases and shelf-ready preferences create a puzzle for retailers, demanding packaging solutions that fit snugly into their visions.

  • E-commerce Learning Curve: As the dairy world ventures into online realms, packaging navigates a learning curve, adapting to the nuances of digital shelves and doorstep deliveries.

Industry Size and Global Trends:

  • Dairy Industry Scale: A colossal 523 billion dairy products found new homes in 2022, marking the industry's expansive reach.

  • Regional Dance Floor: Asia Pacific leads the dairy dance, followed by Western Europe and Latin America, showcasing diverse regional preferences.

  • 2022 Bump in the Road: A minor hiccup with a -0.3% contraction in 2022, but fear not—2023 is poised for a comeback with a projected 1.2% annual growth.

The Art of Dairy Packaging:

  • Delicacy of Lactic Products: Lactic acid, a dairy cornerstone, introduces challenges in packaging. The reactive nature calls for meticulous methods to preserve lactic delights.

  • Smart Packaging Solutions: Innovative designs by packaging suppliers are donning both rigid and flexible attire, enhancing freshness, food safety, and shelf appeal. Polypack strides into the spotlight, offering Shrink Bundling Machines and Case Packers, making packaging lines more effective.

  • Resolving Critical Packaging Issues: The need for smart packaging solutions is amplified for various milk forms, ensuring preservation, processing, and sealing to minimize interactions with external factors.

With a nod to sustainability, variety, and convenience, the future of dairy packaging promises to deliver fresh and exciting experiences. Here's to moo-re good things to come!


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