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Don't miss the opportunity to upgrade your packaging capabilities with Polypack's in-stock machines, the CFH, Wraparound and Roll Bagging FIL Machine. From enhanced efficiency to superior results, these machines are the key to optimizing your packaging operations.


The Polypack CFH shrink packaging machine series provides “total closure” packaging solutions by completely enclosing each product bundle in LDPE or POF film for added protection.


Polypack Wraparound cases utilize approximately 30% less corrugated cardboard than traditional regular slotted container (RSC) packaging

roll bagging
FIL Machine

The FIL Bagging Machine is an inline packaging solution equipped with a forming head. It efficiently forms, fills, and seals bags, using a total closure film to securely bundle the product


These shrink wrap machines are available as stand-alone systems that can either be handloaded or fed by an existing conveyor. The IL series machines are also available with a wide array of product collation modules as well as a pad feeder to create pad-supported shrink multipacks.


The Polypack Tango shrink wrapper offers easy and cost-effective packaging solutions for clear, random print, and print registered film. This series offers automation and versatility.

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