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Choosing the Right Shrink Wrap or Case Loading Machine for Aerosol Cans

When selecting a shrink wrap or case loading machine for aerosol cans, it's essential to consider your specific needs. Are you looking for semi-automatic or fully robotic configurations? What are your production speeds and bundle configurations? Understanding these requirements will help you choose the most suitable equipment.

Key Features to Look For:

1. Positive Product Control

Look for machines designed with positive product control. Polypack’s bucket machines, for example, ensure stability throughout the entire collate, wrap, seal, and shrink process. With no pushers, dead plates, or belt-to-belt transfers, your aerosol cans remain stable, reducing the risk of damage or misalignment.

2. Integrated Case Loading System

An integrated case loading system can significantly enhance your packaging line's efficiency. Polypack’s patented systems allow for seamless collating and robotic top loading of products into RSCs (Regular Slotted Containers) in various configurations. This reduces manual handling and ensures precise placement, streamlining your operations.

3. Label Orientation System

Consider a machine with a label orientation system. This feature assists with can coding, ensuring consistent code positioning and creating oriented shelf-ready retail multipacks. Proper label orientation is crucial for meeting regulatory requirements and maintaining brand consistency on retail shelves.

4. Advanced Safety Systems

Safety is paramount. Polypack’s aerosol safety systems include advanced tunnel designs that optimize airflow and prevent cans from remaining in the tunnel. Battery backups ensure that products can be driven out of the machine in case of power loss, and air evacuation systems can flush hot air from the tunnel if required. These features protect both your products and your operators.

5. High-Speed, Compact Solutions

If space and speed are concerns, look for compact, high-speed machines. Polypack’s new versatile bundler, for instance, is only 10 feet long and can run up to 240 cans per minute in various bundle configurations. With a simple guide adjustment, it can handle almost every can size down to 35mm without the need for change parts, making it an ideal choice for diverse product ranges.

6. Integrated Film Splicing and Servo-Driven Operation

Choose machines with integrated film splicing and servo-driven operation. These features reduce maintenance requirements and enhance reliability and efficiency. Polypack’s machines, for example, are fully servo-driven and require no compressed air, simplifying the operation.

Choosing the right shrink wrap or case loading machine is a significant investment. At Polypack, we understand the unique needs of the aerosol industry and have been innovating in this space since the 1960s. Polypack solutions are designed to provide maximum efficiency, reliability, and safety for your packaging operations. Let us help you build the most efficient and versatile aerosol can line. Contact us today to learn more about our advanced packaging solutions.


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