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Polypack's Shrink Wrap Machine for Trays: Efficiently Packaging Home Cleaning Powder Cans

Welcome to the Polypack production line, where efficiency meets innovation. The Polypack IL shrink wrap machine for trays is a key component in packaging home cleaning powder cans into tightly wrapped trays, providing stability and security for transport. In this blog, we'll explore the sequence of operation, taking you through the entire process, from the infeed conveyor to the final shrink tunnel. This sophisticated system ensures each tray is perfectly sealed, cut, and shrink-wrapped, ready for shipment.

Sequence of Operation

Infeed Conveyor

This conveyor smoothly moves the trays through the film curtain and seal bar assembly, setting the stage for the shrink-wrapping process.

Film Curtain and Dancer Bars

Film is fed from rolls mounted on the machine's right side. As the trays move through the film curtain, the dancer bar assembly senses the film demand and triggers motor-driven film rollers to dispense the correct amount of film with the appropriate tension. This ensures that the film is evenly distributed as it wraps around the trays.

Seal Bar Assembly

The seal bar assembly consists of an upper and lower seal bar. The upper bar is a thermostatically controlled hot bar that closes against the lower bar, a silicone pad covered with Teflon tape. This assembly simultaneously seals and cuts the film after the trays move past the seal bar. It's a critical step, ensuring that the film is tightly secured around the trays, providing stability and protection.

Transfer Conveyor

After the trays are sealed and cut, they are transported from the infeed conveyor to the transfer conveyor. This conveyor plays an essential role in maintaining the flow of trays through the machine, guiding them toward the tunnel conveyor and shrink tunnel.

Tunnel Conveyor and Shrink Tunnel

The tunnel conveyor receives the film-wrapped trays from the transfer conveyor and carries them through the shrink tunnel. This conveyor operates at the same speed as the transfer conveyor, preventing any shifting during the transfer. The shrink tunnel is where the magic happens. It uses adjustable internal baffles and slide-in heater banks to provide precise heat and airflow control, causing the film to shrink and enclose the trays tightly.

Electrical Enclosure

The electrical enclosure houses the control systems that manage the entire process. This component ensures that each part of the IL shrink bundler operates harmoniously, contributing to the machine's efficiency and reliability.

Polypack's Commitment to Quality

Polypack's IL shrink bundler is a testament to the company's commitment to quality and efficiency. From the infeed conveyor to the shrink tunnel, each component is designed to work seamlessly, ensuring that home cleaning powder cans are packaged securely and ready for shipment. If you're looking for a reliable shrink wrap machine for trays, the IL shrink bundler is an excellent choice.


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