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Polypack's Shrink Wrap Machine: Ideal for Packaging Mouthwash Multipacks

If you're in the market for a shrink wrap machine that is fast, compact, and reliable for your mouthwash multipacks, look no further than the Polypack Pharma machine. This innovative system is designed to ensure efficient and secure packaging, keeping your mouthwash bottles aligned and sealed for safe distribution. In this blog, we'll dive into how this system works, from the infeed conveyor to the shrink tunnel, highlighting the key steps that make it a top choice for shrink wrapping mouthwash multipacks.

The Packaging Process for Mouthwash Multipacks

Infeed Conveyor

The process starts with the infeed conveyor, where bottles of mouthwash smoothly transition into the system. This conveyor sets the pace for the entire process, ensuring a consistent flow of products through the machine.

Staging Conveyor and Metering Belts

Once the bottles enter the staging conveyor, metering belts control their flow and spacing. This step is crucial to align the mouthwash bottles correctly before they are bundled. The metering belts ensure that each product is evenly spaced, avoiding bottlenecks and maintaining an efficient flow.

Pusher Assembly

The pusher assembly plays a key role in bundling the mouthwash multipacks. As the products are aligned, the pusher assembly guides them into position, ready for the sealing process. This ensures that the multipacks are tightly bundled and ready for shrink wrapping.

Seal Bar Assembly

The seal bar assembly is where the magic happens. It creates a tight and secure seal around the multipacks, ensuring they are protected during transport. The upper seal bar, a thermostatically controlled hot bar, closes against the lower seal bar, which is a silicone pad covered with Teflon tape. This simultaneous sealing and cutting step is essential for secure packaging.

Film Curtain and Film Feed Rollers

After the sealing process, the products move through the film curtain, where the film feed rollers maintain the correct film tension. This step ensures that the film is applied evenly across the multipacks, providing a consistent and professional appearance.

Shrink Tunnel

The final step is the shrink tunnel, where heat and airflow tightly shrink the film around the mouthwash multipacks. The adjustable internal baffles and slide-in heater banks ensure precise heat distribution, creating a sleek finish. The shrink tunnel is where the film is transformed into a tight and secure wrap, providing a professional look that is ready for distribution.

Why Choose Polypack?

The Polypack Pharma machine is designed for efficiency and consistency. Its compact design makes it a perfect fit for various production environments, while its reliability ensures that each run produces high-quality shrink-wrapped mouthwash multipacks. Contact our team to learn how Polypack can benefit your business.


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