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Shrink Wrap Machine for Gummy Multivitamin Bottles

Seeking a high-performance shrink-wrap machine for packaging gummy bottles? The Polypack Pharma shrink-wrap machine is engineered for speed, compactness, and reliability, offering an efficient solution that keeps your gummy bottles securely sealed for safe distribution.

The Shrink-Wrapping Process

It all starts at the staging mechanism, where batches of bottles are clamped and aligned for precise processing. Advanced sensors at the product stop ensure perfect synchronization with the double tube pusher, gently guiding each batch through the film curtain. The film wraps tightly around each bottle with carefully adjusted tension for a flawless fit.

Precise Sealing and Shrink Tunnel

Next, the Seal Bar seals and cuts the film, locking each package securely in place. The sealed bottles then enter the shrink tunnel, where heat and airflow are meticulously controlled for a tight, seamless wrap. Upon exiting, the bottles are fully packaged and ready for distribution, demonstrating the latest in packaging technology.

Why Choose Polypack?

Polypack Pharma delivers high-quality, reliable packaging designed to protect your gummy bottles during transport and storage. With its efficient design and precision engineering, this machine ensures your products arrive at their destination intact and looking professional.

If you're ready to upgrade your packaging process, contact Polypack today to learn how the Pharma shrink-wrap machine can benefit your business.


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