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NEW! Polypack CFH High-Speed Shrink Bundling Machine

Polypack has once again raised the bar with its latest innovation – the Polypack CFH High-Speed Shrink Bundling Machine. Engineered to handle a diverse range of total closure applications for retail-ready products, the CFH combines cutting-edge technology with efficiency, flexibility, and a commitment to delivering a professional finish. Let's delve into the features that make this machine a game-changer in the packaging industry.

In this video demonstration, the products arrive in a single file, short side leading, and are seamlessly guided through a feed screw system. The lug feed conveyor ensures a smooth transition through the forming head, where POF film is expertly wrapped around the product, creating a secure overlap at the bottom. The continuous motion vertical seal bar then seals the front and back of the pack before the bundles enter the highly efficient heat tunnel.

High-Speed Shrink Bundling Machine WITH Servo-Driven Motor:

At the heart of the CFH is its efficient servo-driven motor, ensuring smooth and precise product movement throughout the packaging process. This technology not only enhances the overall performance of the machine but also contributes to reliable sealing, a crucial factor in ensuring the integrity of the bundled products.

Versatile Sealing Configurations:

Tailoring your bundles to meet specific requirements has never been easier. The CFH offers the flexibility of both vertical and horizontal sealing configurations. Whether your products demand a particular orientation or you seek versatility in your packaging options, the CFH has you covered.

Quick Changeover with HMI-Controlled Recipe:

Minimizing downtime is a priority in any production environment. The CFH achieves this by incorporating a Human Machine Interface (HMI)-controlled recipe system. With minimal change part requirements, operators can swiftly adapt the machine to handle different products. This user-friendly interface streamlines the changeover process, keeping downtime to a minimum and ensuring optimal productivity.

Energy-Saving Heat Tunnel:

Polypack takes sustainability seriously, and the CFH reflects this commitment with its energy-saving heat tunnel. Recognized as the most efficient in the industry, this heat tunnel not only reduces environmental impact but also guarantees a shelf-ready, professional finish for your bundled products. Experience the efficiency of a heat tunnel designed with both performance and sustainability in mind.

Upgrade Your Packaging Process with Polypack: In a competitive market where presentation matters, the Polypack CFH High-Speed Shrink Bundling Machine stands out as a reliable, versatile, and efficient solution. Elevate your packaging game with Polypack today and experience the innovation that sets us apart. Visit to learn more about the CFH and how it can transform your packaging process.

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