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Empowering Women in the Dairy Industry: The Inaugural IDFA Women's Summit

a women with a voice is by definition a strong women

The dairy industry plays a significant role in the American economy, with its economic impact extending far beyond the farm. In addition to providing nutritious and delicious products, it indirectly supports various industries, including plastics packaging materials manufacturing. In a groundbreaking move, the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) is hosting the inaugural IDFA Women's Summit, which seeks to empower and celebrate women in the dairy industry. This event promises to be a remarkable opportunity for rising and established female leaders to come together, learn, network, and advocate for the industry's top policy priorities.

A Milestone for Gender Equality

The IDFA Women's Summit is a historic event, focusing on advancing gender equality within the dairy industry. The summit will bring together women of diverse backgrounds and experiences, fostering an inclusive environment where everyone can contribute their unique perspectives and insights. This celebration of diversity is a significant step toward creating a more equitable and inclusive dairy sector.

Key Summit Objectives

The IDFA Women's Summit is designed to provide attendees with a range of valuable experiences and knowledge. Some of the key objectives of this summit include:

  1. Leadership Development: Participants will engage in sessions focused on leadership development. These sessions will provide practical strategies and tools to help women excel at all levels of dairy organizations, ensuring they have the skills and confidence to reach their full potential.

  2. Mentorship and Allyship: Mentorship is a critical component of professional growth. The summit will facilitate mentorship opportunities, connecting women with established leaders in the industry. It will also emphasize the importance of allyship, encouraging individuals to support and uplift each other.

  3. Advocacy for Policy Priorities: Attendees will spend a day on Capitol Hill, where they will have the opportunity to meet with policymakers and educate them about the dairy industry's impacts and importance. This advocacy is vital in ensuring that policies and programs support the growth and sustainability of the industry.

The Power of the Dairy Industry

The dairy industry plays a substantial role in the American economy, with a total economic impact of $620 billion. Beyond the dairy products themselves, this industry indirectly supports various other sectors, including plastics packaging materials manufacturing. It's fascinating to note that dairy companies, distributors, and retailers support American plastics packaging materials manufacturers in multiple ways.

Nearly 2,830 jobs in the plastics packaging materials manufacturing industry depend on spending by the dairy industry or dairy industry employees. This includes over 2,460 manufacturing jobs that produce plastics packaging materials used by the dairy industry, such as flexible packaging and plastic bags. These jobs result from direct purchases made by dairy companies.

Additionally, approximately 360 more jobs in plastics packaging materials manufacturing are created by dairy employees and supplier employees purchasing items that use plastic packaging materials for personal use. In total, the dairy industry generates $206.7 million in wages and nearly $1.3 billion in economic impact for American plastics packaging materials and unlaminated film and sheet manufacturers.


The IDFA Women's Summit is a transformative event for women in the dairy industry. It provides a platform for networking, education, and advocacy, empowering women to take on leadership roles and contribute to the industry's growth and sustainability. The event not only champions gender equality but also highlights the dairy industry's significant economic impact and its indirect support for various other sectors. By recognizing the power of this industry and celebrating the achievements of women within it, the IDFA Women's Summit represents a remarkable milestone in the journey toward a more equitable and prosperous dairy industry.


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