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Automated packaging for bottles

Automated Packaging for Bottles: Polypack's Clearprint Pad and Tray Series

In the competitive beverage industry, efficiency and precision in packaging are paramount. Polypack's Clearprint Pad and Tray (CPT) series revolutionizes this process, combining a tray former and shrink wrapper into one seamless, efficient machine, creating automated packaging for bottles. This all-in-one solution is tailored for businesses looking to elevate their packaging standards for bottles, ensuring both speed and reliability.

Innovative Integration for Peak Efficiency

The CPT series excels in automated packaging, specifically designed for the beverage sector. It ingeniously merges the functionalities of a tray former and shrink wrapper, streamlining the packaging process. The machine's sophisticated design includes a rotary gate system that expertly collates bottles, ensuring they are perfectly aligned for packaging.

Precision Engineering for Optimal Packaging

Every feature of the CPT series is crafted for precision. From the vacuum picker that smoothly loads trays onto the conveyor, to the exacting wrap arm that encircles the film around the bottles, this machine is a paragon of efficiency. The result is a perfectly formed, shrink-wrapped tray of


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