Robotic Pick & Place Tube Shrink Wrapping

Tube 90/180

Polypack’s TUBE series shrink wrap machines save money by eliminating inner chipboard cartons and dividers in a master case. These machines utilize our patented pick and place technology to pick up tubes and place them directly onto the film for shrink wrapping. This system eliminates any additional transfers, making it the ideal solution for these hard-to-handle containers. These machines are available at speeds up to 180 tubes/minute and they are also available with an optional integrated case packer.

Tube Series

With Polypack designed shrink wrap equipment, tubes can be shrink wrapped in 3-packs, with or without inversion. They can also be wrapped in 4-packs and 6-packs for distribution purposes. Polypack’s pick & place system can also be used to shrink wrap pouches and small, lightweight bags.

  • Reduce packaging costs, space and labor costs by eliminating chipboard and corrugated dividers inside a master case
  • Create compact bundles by inverting tubes and increase the bundle’s rigidity
  • Automatic adjustments provide for quick & easy changeovers
  • Patented pick & place system makes for a one time transfer process
  • Shrink wrap at speeds up to 180 tubes per minute
  • Optional integrated case packer loads shrink wrapped tubes into a pre-erected RSC for distribution


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