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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Polypack


What types of packaging equipment does Polypack offer?

Polypack offers a wide array of product collation modules and equipment types, including:


  • Shrink Bundlers

  • Label Orientation Systems

  • Corrugated Packaging Solutions

  • Unwrapper Machines

What are Shrink Bundlers?

Shrink Bundlers are packaging machines designed by Polypack that use heat-shrinkable film to tightly bundle products together. These machines provide secure and attractive packaging solutions.


What is an Unwrapper Machine?

The Unwrapper is Polypack’s innovative solution for automatically removing shrink film from bundled trays. It’s a great addition to any re-packing facility looking to automate the previously labor-intensive process of film removal with sharp blades.

What are Registered Film Wrappers?

Registered Film Wrappers, provided by Polypack, are packaging machines that use printed film with pre-printed graphics to wrap products. The film is aligned precisely with the graphics on the package for accurate branding and product information display.


How do you multipack unstable products?

Using Polypack’s patented robotic Pick & Place shrink bundlers perfect for tall, unstable or ovals - products are positively controlled throughout collation, wrap, seal and shrink. With no dead plates, pushers or belt-to-belt transfers, we guarantee product stability even at higher line speeds.

What is Total Closure Packaging?

Total Closure Packaging systems, available at Polypack, provide secure and tamper-evident packaging solutions that are great for retail. These machines use heat-sealable film or tape to create a complete seal around the product, ensuring product integrity and preventing unauthorized access.


Does Polypack build cardboard packaging machines?

Yes! Polypack’s corrugated cardboard machines are becoming very popular in numerous industries we serve. We offer traditional tray and wraparound case packers, pad supported bundlers, as well as our unique Jacketpack distribution sleeve bundler.

How do Polypack's corrugated packaging machines work?

Polypack's corrugated packaging machines employ various techniques such as forming, folding, gluing, and sealing to create customized corrugated cartons for product packaging. These machines are adaptable to different carton sizes and styles, providing versatility in packaging applications.

Are Polypack's machines suitable for high-volume production?

Yes! Polypack's packaging equipment is designed to handle high-volume production requirements. Our machines are built to deliver efficient and reliable performance, even in demanding production environments.

How do you balance versatility and automation?

Polypack’s Pharma-HS machine can multipack a wide range of bottles or cartons with no change parts. Allowing line speeds up to 240/min in 3-pack bundles, this unit includes servo product collation and wrapping all in a compact footprint that is less than 10’ long.

How can I contact Polypack for more information or inquiries?

For more information or inquiries, you can contact Polypack through the following means:

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