Consumer Good Multipacks

Consumer goods multipacks can be packaged in sleeve wrap (bullseye wraps), total closure wraps using both clear and printed film, or packaged in cardboard. Polypack offers several shrink and cardboard packaging machines for all types of applications and styles of wraps. This range of packaging styles covers all bases from distribution to full-on retail packaging with high shelf-appeal.

Polypack manufactures shrink wrap and cardboard packaging machines for all types of consumer products, including:
Aerosols, Cartons, Glass, Plastic Bottles, 5th Panel Cartons, Boxes, Glass and Plastic Jars, Odd Shaped Jars and Bottles, Tray Supported Products, Pad Supported Products…and MORE!

Packaging Solutions





Packaging Options:

consumer goods wrapped under shrink film and with label orientationLabel Orientation

Polypack’s label orientation system uses an electronic eye and a motorized wheel to rotate products to a specific point. Products are rotated according to their label so that they are all facing in the same direction, giving products their maximum shelf appeal. Polypack’s label orientation system can be integrated with the infeed of a new shrink-wrapper or retrofit onto an existing one. We also offer label orientation systems as stand-alone units.

Printed Film

Polypack offers both bullseye wrap and total closure machines for use with printed shrink film. Printed shrink film provides a more visually appealing pack than clear film. Printed shrink film also offers a large billboard on which to engage consumers with product imagery and branding. Furthermore, printed shrink film can block out individual UPC codes. This ensures the correct retail price of the multipack.

bag made without shrink with a forming head machineBagging (No Shrink)

Although we are known as a manufacturer of shrink wrap and cardboard packaging machines, Polypack also offers bag only wrapping systems for products of various sizes. Instead of a shrink tunnel, these systems employ multiple methods of creating a seal, either on the top, bottom, or side of the pack. Bagging machines are available to run both clear and printed film.

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