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Shrink bundlers and tray loaders for water


Ready to make a splash in the world of beverage packaging? Look no further than Polypack, where we turn water bottle packaging into retail ready packaging with our shrink bundlers and tray loaders.

Print Perfection, Wave Goodbye to Imperfections!

Say goodbye to the hassle of misaligned graphics! Polypack's Print Registration feature guarantees exact placement of graphics on every shrink-wrapped beverage pack. Your branding will shine with unparalleled clarity, capturing the attention of consumers and boosting your product's appeal.


I-Spot Detection

Experience seamless automation with our innovative Photo Eye technology. Detect the distinctive "I-Spot" and initiate flawless film separation. Each piece of film is expertly applied to your products at the same precise location every single time, ensuring consistency and uniformity that leaves a lasting impression.

Sturdy Support

Bid farewell to wobbly arrangements! Our Corrugated Trays provide robust pack support, ensuring your rows of products stay impeccably aligned. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your beverage packs are well-supported, safeguarding your products during transit and display.

save up to 30% on material costs!

Polypack machines are here to revolutionize your operations. Say goodbye to wasted materials and hello to savings of up to 30% on material costs! Watch as our machines expertly fold and die-cut cardboard, creating tight distribution cases that are both sturdy and visually appealing.

Ready for Retail

Polypack is your partner in preparing distribution and retail-ready packs. Our Tray Loader Formers seamlessly integrate with Beverage Packaging Shrink Wrappers, creating packs that are not only perfect for distribution but also ready to dazzle on retail shelves.

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