Shelf Ready Multipacks

Shrink Film Ready Tray Packing

Polypack’s easy-open soft tray concept is a shelf-ready tray that is made entirely out of shrink film. The top of the tray is perforated for easy opening, and the products inside the soft tray can be re-organized or replenished as needed for stocking purposes at the store level. The shelf-ready soft tray offers huge material savings compared to corrugated solutions and printed film used for branding and product identification.

Your feedback is important to us. Please let us know what you think about this brand new packaging concept.

  • Made entirely from shrink film
  • Soft tray is perforated on top for ease of opening
  • Trays can be handled as a single unit for stocking
  • Products can be re-organized or replenished inside the tray at the store level
  • What do YOU think? We welcome your comments on this new style of packaging.

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