Printed shrink film machines

Print Registered Film and Random Print Film Wrapping Machines.

CLEARPRINT series shrink packaging machines are the simplest, most versatile, easiest to change over, most compact, most affordable and most cost effective automatic print registration wrappers ever produced. These shrink wrap machines produce bullseye wraps using either clear, random printed or print registered film. These reliable and versatile shrink bundlers run at speeds up to 60 wraps per minute in single lane and up to 120 per minute in dual lane. We also offer a high speed model that can run at cycle speeds up to 200 packs per minute in dual lane applications. These shrink wrappers can be designed to run unsupported, pad supported or tray supported product.

Versatile shrink bundler for both clear and printed film applications

The CLEARPRRINT Series shrink wrap machines use a flight bar conveyor system that provides a great deal of product versatility for the shrink bundler. Various styled of infeeds and product collation modules are available, including an option for a pad feeder. A wide variety of products can be wrapped in multiple configurations in either clear or printed shrink films, making it an ideal machine for both distribution and retail packaging applications.

  • Affordable printed film shrink wrapper
  • Run light gauge film for increased material savings
  • No vacuum belt and no sealing bar
  • Quick & easy changeovers
  • Stainless Steel
  • Low height, side mounted film
  • High product flexibility
  • Energy efficient shrink tunnel


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