Compact shrink wrapper for pharmaceutical bottles and cartons

Compact, versatile machines for small bottle, vial, and carton bundling

Pharmaceutical companies demand compact, efficient, and capable equipment capable of running both bottles and cartons with minimal changeover. Polypack’s PHARMA series shrink bundlers are specifically designed to have a small footprint, and they use the main pusher to collate and advance product through a curtain of the film to create bullseye/sleeve wrap packs.

Polypack manufactures shrink wrap and cardboard packaging machines for all types of pharmaceutical containers, including:
Plastic Bottles, Glass Bottles, Plastic Vials, Glass Vials, Cartons, Trayed Product, Product on Pads…and MORE!

Packaging Solutions for:

Small Bottles


High-Count Brick Packs


Packaging Options:

pharmaceutical products oriented and wrapped under shrink filmRe-Orientation

Many companies manufacture shrink wrap machines. What sets Polypack apart from the rest are the limitless possibilities for product collation, drawn from over 60 years of experience. Polypack offers product re-orientation for containers that are both entering and exiting our machines. Squared and rectangular products can be turned, re-oriented, and collated to suit your particular packaging needs.

pharmaceutical products in a cardboard tray wrapped under shrink filmTrays

Pre-trayed pharmaceuticals can be shrink wrapped in bullseye/sleeve wrap or total closure for optimum protection against dust, dirt, and humidity. For bullseye/sleeve wrap applications, our Pharma series wrappers offer a small footprint to get the job done in the least amount of space possible.

nested pack shrink wrapped for more rigidityNested Packs®

Pharmaceutical bottles and vials can be shrink wrapped in a nested configuration. Nesting employs the use of offset rows in order to increase the rigidity of the pack. Since the products are already nested into one another, there is no place for them to go. This allows Nested Packs® to maintain their pack integrity throughout normal handling and distribution conditions. Small vials and bottles can be packaged in high count brick packs, using offset rows to create an extremely dense pack for distribution purposes.

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