Perfect cost effective solution for vertical cardboard support in palletizing products


The JacketPack™ is a lower-cost alternative to RSC packaging that offers the same stacking strength and product protection. The JacketPack™ system reduces the amount of corrugate overlaps down to a single one, eliminating the top and bottom of the case. A shrink film overwrap seals the case, providing superb palletizing strength, product protection, and distribution integrity.


The JacketPack™ is a pallet-ready package that can be palletized and distributed without the need for any additional stacking support. This makes it the perfect solution for chipboard cartons and other containers that require vertical support for palletizing.

  • Save up to 50% on material costs over RSCs
  • Provides stacking/palletizing support for aseptic bricks, prisms, cartons, and more!
  • Multi-layer packaging capability
  • Corrugated Jacket is formed around the product, creating tightly packed bundles
  • Combine with shrink wrap for distribution and retail-ready multipacks


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