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Packaging Solutions 

Polypack has got you covered with the ILB Shrink Wrap Machine- featuring a bucket conveyor! This machinery offers unparalleled versatility, if it fits onto the bucket, it can be bundled using this shrink wrapper! For tubes, ovals and unstable items the robotic pick & place gantry enables stacking, splitting, rotating, or collating of products into any configuration!

Knock out packaging problems with Polypack's Wraparound Machine! Perfect for e-commerce when you need to ship 2 to 4 packs, or fragile glass items! The best part is you save 30% on corrugated material compared to RSC. Enjoy simplified changeovers, minimal downtime, and precise glue delivery with temperature control. Ready to 'Box It' with Polypack!? Contact us for packaging that packs a punch!

Our Sister Company Film Source Packaging offers eco-conscious solutions with 100% recycled film and sugarcane film options! These films are strong, lightweight, and environmentally friendly! Their co-ex films offer light gauge performance without compromising strength!

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