Dairy Packaging Machines

Tapered Cup Multipack & Drinkable Shrink Bundles

Dairy products are packed using lower cost packaging alternatives. Polypack offers many packaging solutions for the dairy industry, including Tapered Cup Multipacks and Drinkable Shrink Bundles. Our specialized dairy shrink wrapping and cardboard packaging equipment have many advantages. Our clients have seen huge savings with bundling; savings on materials, inventory space, labor, and time. Polypack’s dairy shrink bundlers and cardboard case packers increase packaging efficiency through smart energy use and material reductions.

Polypack manufactures shrink wrap and cardboard packaging machines for all types of dairy and beverage containers, including:
Ice Cream Rounds, Ice Cream, Surrounds, Tapered Cups Gable Top Milk Cartons, Aseptic Containers, Milk Jugs, Ice Cream Novelties…and MORE!

Packaging Solutions for:

Ice Cream

Tapered Cups

Gable Top Cartons


Packaging Options:

gable tops ready for stacking with its risers and the shrink filmCrateless Packaging for Gable Tops

Gable top cartons can be difficult to stack because the top does not offer sufficient stacking strength. Polypack has created a system for making stackable gable top multipacks, using vertical risers to provide the support needed for stacking and palletizing. As the products collate, a vertical riser is inserted between the rows of cartons. The collated products are then shrink wrapped, resulting in a gable top multipack that can be stacked and palletized without using milk crates!

tapered cups on pads without glue for an easy stackingGlueless Pad-Packs

Unlike other systems for packaging tapered cups, Polypack’s system does not use any glue whatsoever. There’s no glue material, no glue contracts, and no corrugated contracts to worry about. This is achieved with our unique method for collating and creating the pad-pack.

dairy products wrapped under printed film for more shelf appealPrinted Film Bundling

Printed film is the perfect solution for retail packaging. These machines offer a large, continuous surface on which to place product imagery and branding. Eliminate the concern about the orientation of the individual products. High quality printed shrink film also offers significant cost savings when compared to traditional packaging such as RSCs. Printed film retail packs offer increased shelf appeal when compared to clear film products. We offer printed film wrappers for both total closure and

the economical jacketpack solution with a cardboard belt and shrink filmJacketPack™

The JacketPack™ is an ideal alternative to RSC packaging. The JacketPack™ consists of a corrugate band formed around the products and glued on a single flap. The jacketed products are then shrink wrapped to create a wholly enclosed pack. The JacketPack™ provides great stacking strength and corner protection to a wide range of products and saves up to 50% on material costs than traditional RSCs.

aseptic products wrapped under shrink filmAseptic Carton Retail Packs

Polypack manufactures shrink wrap equipment for aseptic cartons of all types. We offer equipment solutions for clear and printed film, and we also offer an optional washdown package. We can handle all kinds of aseptic cartons, including bricks, prisms, and gable tops. We offer machines that can run aseptic containers unsupported, pad supported, tray supported, in our patent-pending JacketPack™ or a wraparound case.

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