Fragile Product Wrapper

Bubble Wrap Multipacks | Great for e-Commerce!

Bubble packs are shrink packs made with, you guessed it, bubble wrap film. Bubble wrap are sealed and shrunk, making it a candidate for shrink bundling fragile products. Bubble multi-packs can be combined with a printed film overwrap for retail packaging. The bubble wrap can also be used for the lower portion of a shrink wrap pack in order to protect products from breakage or bruising, as in the case of fruits or produce. Bubble wrap has long been recognized as an excellent choice for protecting items subject to breakage, scuffing, or other damage. Bubble wrap can be used for glass bottles, fruits, produce, ceramics, and more!

Bubble Wrap Pack

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  • Excellent protection against breakage and other types of damage
  • Can be combined with printed film overwrap for retail packaging
  • Bubble wrap can be used as a lower film supply to provide protection to the bottom of a pack

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