“Printed Film 24” wrappers are high-speed machines that provide registered print wraps at speeds to 60 wraps per minute single lane; 120 wraps per minute dual lanes. These machines are compact, and use a single roll of film (clear or print registered). The equipment is small enough to fit into any production line. No air or vacuum is required for operation.
In other company news, the ECO-BUNDLER was created to multipack different size and shape products with PLA film. Polypack has worked in collaboration with Plastic Suppliers, Inc., Earthfirst‚ PLA film, and NatureWorks LLC, NatureWorks‚ PLA, to develop a biodegradable shrink film capable to be used on the automatic ECO-BUNDLER shrink machine. Products are well protected since the shrink-wrap package is made with total closure, thus, protected from dust, water and scratches. ECO-BUNDLER uses biodegradable environement friendly PLA shrink film
Polypack Inc.
DAIRY FOODS, November 2006, page 55

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